Defining the Customer Journey on

Project Challenge

HP engaged the Yale Center for Customer Insights (YCCI) for a Spring 2018 Discovery Project to learn about the online customer journey for HP personal computers and printers within the commercial division.

Our team was asked to define a "typical" online journey for an commercial customer and define the online characteristics and behaviors at each stage of the journey. We were given three months of click-stream data to analyze.

Teammates: Apoorv Chaturvedi, Chris Miller, Grace Myers, and Josh Posner

Screenshot 2018-04-23 17.15.11.png

Unsurprisingly, there is no "typical" online journey. 


Our Work

We created a broad set of stages for the online journey, then analyzed this journey across distinct customer segments, based on identifiable firmographics, online behavior patterns, and product-related characteristics. We then focused on how the journey might differ for visitors shopping for different product types (e.g., premium versus standard laptops). 


Screenshot 2018-04-17 17.06.11.png

The customer journey we found on was even less linear than we anticipated.



Since our project's conclusion, HP has expanded its data team to further explore the online journey for a commercial customer. 

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Next Step:


Understand how to reconcile the online click-stream data with ethnographic customer research