December 2015, Company: HireArt (HR Tech, Human Capital)

Communication strategy for an HR tech startup: The "Cyndi-Blast"



The typical recruiting process involves panning through LinkedIn for candidates that match the exact experience and skill requirements for a given role. The benefit of this process is that each person you contact is highly targeted. The consequence is in volume: an efficient recruiter is lucky to find 40 people to message per day. 


At LinkedIn’s average InMail acceptance rate of 20%, this means around eight people will reply

...and fewer will give you a resume.


Sacrifice some targeting to achieve scale. I developed a process to quickly identify active and passive job seekers. Data in hand, I lightly filtered contacts by industry and total experience, for example “sales professionals with between x and y years of experience,” then sent out an email with three or four potential jobs spread out over a range of seniority levels. In writing the copy, my goal was for each person to see at least one job that was both appealing and suitable for his or her background, and then apply directly from a link in the email. Rather than sell an individual job, as a recruiter would, my messaging sold the HireArt service. 

This process was less personal than the traditional approach, but the results did not disappoint: the application conversion rate from an email blast was an order of magnitude better than that of the standard recruiting process, and the campaigns were easy to scale.  

At HireArt, if you invent a useful process, it gets named after you. Thus, the “Cyndi-Blast.”